“I highly recommend the Popless VAC system…Priced right, VAC is a simple, versatile and elegant solution to those pesky pops. Best of all, it works!”

Petersen, Editor Mix Magazine


What is
Designed around the idea that everyone's voice is different, Popless Voice Screens Variable Acoustic Compression™ pop filters provide user adjustable control of pop and sibilance filtering when recording vocals. The VAC™ system adjusts the amount of pop and sibilance filtering to fit your voice before the sound reaches the microphone. Vocal clarity is maintained while the acoustic screens help protect your valuable microphone. The result is BETTER SOUNDING VOCALS, GUARANTEED!

Your Vocal Signature
Each person's unique vocal signature contains various amounts of popping and sibilance that can become evident as overload distortions when recording vocals. The time and energy of a great vocal performance can be ruined by a few pesky pops or sizzling S's. Acoustic protection is needed to help assure a clear vocal recording free from distortion.

Adjustable Advantage of
Instead of the 'one pop filter fits all' design all other 'embroidery hoop' pop filters manufacturers provide, VAC™ takes an adjustable approach to recording better sounding vocals. The user controls the amount of pop and sibilance filtering by adjusting one or two of the acoustic screens in the screen holder to best match their own vocal characteristics. Controlling popping P's and sizzling S's before the sound reaches the microphone helps maximize vocal quality. VAC™ brings pop filter technology into the 21st century.

Using Popless VAC™ System
How to protect and get the best vocals from your microphone.

What About Foam, Embroidery Hoop and Metal Pop Filters?
Foam provides good protection from the outside elements but tends to deteriorate over time.

Who Uses Popless VAC™ Systems?
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VAC™ User Reviews and Endorsements
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About Popless
Stopping popping since 1988.

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